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Learning Leaves 2021 - 2022

Mrs Aslam Ms Harvey Mrs Walmsley Mrs Safdar Peggy Moomoo

Learning Leaves is all about inclusivity and is a special and fun place for children to learn. They are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas without prejudice. We help children develop their confidence and self-motivation to become active learners and as a result the children have made fantastic personal achievements. For some children their time in Learning Leaves is temporary and after meeting appropriate targets will return back into class, whilst for other children the Learning Leaves environment may be better at accommodating their needs over a longer period of time.

Staff in Learning Leaves are: Mrs Aslam, Ms Harvey, Mrs Safdar, Mrs Walmsley and Mr Bhatti

(P.S. Don’t forget Moomoo and Peggy!)

What is Learning Leaves?

Learning Leaves is about learning and it’s different (from other classes) because we learn more. (Ibraheem)

Learning Leaves is the best, the teachers help us how to talk in English. (Zahra)

In Learning Leaves we do Maths and English. (Hassan)

Learning Leaves is a class for children who sometimes struggle with their work. (Talha)

I like Learning Leaves because you get to do English. (M. Ali)

Why I like Learning Leaves

I like Learning Leaves because it is a fun place to be and I am happy … and the teachers are kind. (Bilal)

I like Learning Leaves because it is funny. I love Learning Leaves because the teachers in Learning Leaves are helpful and kind. Going to Learning Leaves makes me happy. Mrs Aslam is so kind. (Zahra)

Learning Leaves is the best. Shall I tell you why? It is the best because Mr Bhatti is funny and he teaches me resilience. My favourite lesson is maths because I like numbers. (Aun)

I love Learning Leaves because it’s beautiful. I like it, it’s the best. (Hassan)

I like Learning Leaves because we learn English, Maths and Guided Reading and (because of) the activities. (Simrah)

I like extra PE. I really enjoyed the trip to Legoland. (Talha)

I think that Learning Leaves is the best because we learn and if we need something we always put our hand up. We do fun stuff and we do work. (Mehvish)

The Learning Leaves is the best. We like Learning Leaves because we do a lot of fun stuff. We feel very, very happy in Learning Leaves. (Aleena)

They are the best teachers ever. (M. Ali)

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