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Year 5 2021 - 2022

Miss Payne

Miss Payne

Computing and Curriculum Leader
SLiCE - Specialist Leader in Cultural Education

"The future belongs to the curious."

Mrs Foote

Mrs Foote

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The Year 5 team are really excited about getting to know our new classes and have lots of wonderful learning planned for the children so that they continue to


at Lomeshaye Junior School.


5 Cedar: Miss Payne (class teacher) and Mrs O'Keefe  (teaching assistant)

I am excited about teaching 5 Cedar because I know the class will be curious and interested in learning and we will have lots of fun. I love being arty, creative and using iPads in the classroom so we will have lots of different ways to celebrate and share our learning. Technology excites me so we will make sure we can use it to enhance our teaching and learning in ways that keep us safe (Article 13 and 17). That's why I am responsible for the curriculum and computing in school.

Our classroom is an exciting place where everyone has a right to explore ideas and be creative so that we can all celebrate our talents and achievements (Article 13 and 29). Cooperative learning helps us work well together and I like to use lots of different Kagan Structures to help everyone be the best learners they can be. 


5 Larch: Mrs Kelly (class teacher) and Mrs Grimshaw  (teaching assistant)

Welcome to 5 Larch. The teacher in class is Mrs Foote and the class LSA is Mr Frankland.

Our Reading Working Wall - The The Legend of Gelert

The Legend of Gelert    


This term we have studied The Vikings in History. We have learnt how to develop the use of accurate dates and order significant events on a timeline including when the Vikings were in England. We know that they arrived in AD787 where they raided and pillaged monasteries.


In Geography we have also developed our map reading skills to locate where the Vikings were from and where they travelled to. We know that the Vikings came from Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden. We enjoyed using primary sources (artefacts) to support our learning about Viking clothing, food and drink, Viking Gods and Viking life. We also learnt that the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons were often in conflict and Vikings frequently won the battles and were very successful. 


During the second half of the term, we have studied forces in Science. We have been learning about the different types of forces (push, pull, friction, air resistance, water resistance, magnetic forces and gravity). We have conducted many experiments to help us with our understanding of the different types of forces. We particularly enjoyed making our own parachutes to help us with our understanding of air resistance.


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