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At Lomeshaye Junior School we aim to develop reading skills with our pupils in order to improve their life chances, provide them with life skills and to promote reading for pleasure and enjoyment.

We believe that reading can open doors for our pupils and can help them to gain experiences, improve language and vocabulary skills and stimulate their imaginations.  We aim to create confident readers who have good independent learning skills and develop a range of interests through reading.

Reading for pleasure contributes to educational success, our journey to success focuses on developing a life-long love of reading and equipping our pupils for the next stage on their journey.

How We will Achieve This

We are committed to all of the aims outlined above and endeavour to achieve this by ensuring that reading is made, and kept as, a high priority and we provide the following in our school to facilitate this:

  • Time to listen to and enjoy reading,
  • Opportunities to be seen with a book,
  • Literary trips and visits,
  • Book making and publishing activities,
  • Providing comics, magazines and newspapers for reading,
  • Giving lots of choice over reading materials, genre and subjects,
  • Having a broad reading programme,
  • Book clubs,
  • Making time for discussion and response about reading,
  • Investing in resources,
  • Linking texts and reading across the curriculum for pupils to apply skills,
  • Ensuring all staff are highly trained in phonics, reading and comprehension skills,
  • Supporting parents to acquire skills to support their children with reading at home,
  • Highlighting to our pupils how reading helps them to progress in other areas.

What Will Our Pupils and Families Experience?

  • Staff modeling reading for pleasure,
  • High quality teaching skills,
  • Parent champions and workshops to support adult learning,
  • Parental involvement,
  • Reading that is embedded across the curriculum with opportunities to exploit reading in all areas,
  • Targetted support for the weaker readers in school,
  • Suitable resources for the more able readers,
  • Improved resources for guided reading sessions,
  • Pupils will be challenged to read more,
  • An increase in the amount of reading in school and the application of reading and phonics skills,
  • A supportive learning environment where reading confidence is nurtured,
  • Incentives and rewards for reading,
  • Support to find reading materials that are “right” for our individual needs and interests,
  • A variety of reading materials and texts,
  • Story telling sessions,
  • Reading buddies,
  • Quality library time,
  • TRIC/ERIC and class book sessions,
  • Visiting authors,
  • Author of the month,
  • Book assemblies,
  • Opportunities to read to different members of staff,
  • Treasure hunts – reading with a purpose,
  • Reading carousel days,
  • Book fairs,
  • Book corners in classes to use freely,
  • Browsing boxes,
  • Book celebrations,
  • Use of E-readers,
  • A wide range of reading support and intervention.

SLiCE Specialist Leader in Cultural Education

Miss Payne led a project on Reading for Pleasure in partnership with Ludus Dance and Nelson Library.  This short video introduces the project and you can download the report. 

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