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Where we are with Geography:

In Autumn 2, Geography will form as a driver for the first time this academic year in Years 3 and 4. We have worked on the Geography curriculum for Lomeshaye to ensure that learners are exposed to meaningful and layered learning that is age appropriate and builds on prior learning. The Geography Lead has reorganised the curriculum to ensure that National Curriculum coverage is fully covered across the Key Stage and makes strong links to other subject areas wherever possible. Here is an example to show this:


In Year 3, the initial unit on volcanoes and earthquakes compliments prior learning in History and Science where learners studied ‘Rocks’ in Science and ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ in History. This carefully considered mapping of learning, is allowing our learners to develop and their sticky knowledge in different contexts to further enhance learning. Later in the year, Year 3 will focus on a UK study (Lake District) which will develop their skills as geographers from a locality level at Key Stage 1, to a UK study.


With a focus on the acquisition of key skills which are layered and progressive both within units and across year groups, the Curriculum Lead and Subject Leader have strived to develop our learners as ‘geographers’. Our focus has become much tighter to ensure we are setting clear expectations as to the skills and knowledge learning after each unit rather than end of year expectations.


Teaching staff will be provided with clear planning documentation from the Curriculum and Subject Lead to ensure that the sequence and progression of knowledge and skills is appropriate and what our learners need. As a result, staff knowledge and understanding of the geographical skills is being developed and will ensure they have the tools and modelled examples to provide our learners with the very best support. Ensuring our staff feel confident and passionate about the delivery of this subject is a key priority and will be supported by clear direction from the Curriculum Lead and Subject Lead.


How we are developing Geography:


  • To a skills and knowledge based spiralled curriculum. Skills and knowledge are layered, sequenced and progressive, allowing our learners to build upon skills throughout their learning journey at Lomeshaye.
  • Fieldwork will be specifically mapped out and planned for to ensure this strand of Geography is developed as this is something our learners have a poorer understanding and experience of.
  • Ensuring that the stands of Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Geographical Fieldwork is taught and learning across the strands layered within each year group and between year groups.
  • We aim to develop our learners’ ability to talk like ‘Geographers’ and refer to both the skill and knowledge the have acquired over time. We aim to have learners who can talk confidently about their learning over a series of lessons and to demonstrate the sticky knowledge and use geographical vocabulary appropriately and in context.
  • All classes to ensure they have a Geography working wall when studying the subject which will provide learners with clear progression of the skills and where they are on the sequence of lessons; key vocabulary; key knowledge to be learnt in the unit; examples of the skills and knowledge layered up through examples of learning in the lessons; evidence of learning from children through what they can verbalise.