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Where we are with History:

In Autumn 1, History has become the first ‘driver’ subject of the academic year for all year groups. With a focus on the acquisition of key skills which are layered and progressive both within units and across year groups, the Curriculum Lead and Subject Leader have strived to develop our learners as ‘historians’. The learners have developed their understanding of chronology, historical enquiry and interpretation in all year groups and are beginning to talk about their learning in terms of both skill development and acquisition in addition to key knowledge and the use of appropriate historical vocabulary.


All classes have produced wonderful displays which showcase learners’ understanding of both the knowledge and skill acquisition. These are a natural progression from the working walls within classrooms which make explicit the key enquiry question for the unit; layering of skills throughout the unit; key knowledge as the learning develops; key vocabulary; evidence of learners understanding through comments about their learning and pre and post assessment evidence of learner understanding. Learners are beginning to see themselves as historians. They are beginning to understand what a good historian at our school looks like, what they sound like when they are talking about their learning and how a historian feels as part of their role. The profile of history is raised across school.


Teaching staff have been provided with clear planning documentation from the Curriculum and Subject Lead to ensure that the sequence and progression of knowledge and skills is appropriate and what our learners need. As a result, staff knowledge and understanding of the historical skills is being developed and ensures they have the tools and modelled examples to provide our learners with the very best support.


How we are developing History:


  • To a skills and knowledge based spiralled curriculum. Skills and knowledge are layered, sequenced and progressive, allowing our learners to build upon skills throughout their learning journey at Lomeshaye.
  • Opportunities to develop the skills of historical enquiry and interpretation through the use of and exposure to historical artefacts.
  • Use the National Curriculum to sequence the curriculum in chronological order, taking into consideration which year groups will have more units to teach. Learners will be able to deepen their understanding of chronology as they progress through Key Stage 2. They will also be able to make strong and meaningful links between prior learning because they will be able to talk about how periods of history are sequenced. As a result of the curriculum being sequenced, teachers will be aware of prior learning and will be able to refer to this.