Norfolk St, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7SY

01282 612063

Lomeshaye Junior School



Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Our Mission is to endeavour to provide the highest quality education to all of our pupils by creating a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment in which every child can learn and develop as they are inspired to:




Aims of the School

We aim to be a school where:

A dedicated team of staff and stakeholders are committed to ensuring that every child has the best education and experiences during their time with us

Unique talents and abilities are encouraged and celebrated

Pupils are taught to be respectful, free-thinking and creative individuals

Pupils foster strong and lasting friendships

Essential personal, social and life skills are developed

Resilience and growth mind-sets are promoted which are the foundations of pupils becoming powerful learners

Well-being, impeccable behaviour and positive attitudes are important

Children and adults alike are supported to achieve their goals as part of our learning community.