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Lomeshaye Junior School


It is our pleasure to welcome you to Lomeshaye Junior School 

In September 2021, Lomeshaye Junior School and Marsden Community Primary School formed a collaboration. This is an exciting time for both schools as through collaboration we are able to share expertise to bring about continuous improvement. In addition, what binds us together is a community of learners who are keen to face challenges, find solutions and develop personally. All members of staff are educators of all learners embracing and celebrating differences in academic ability as well as academic need. We are passionate about the fact that all learners deserve the highest calibre of teaching and therefore place an emphasis on developing consistent pedagogies.  Learning is valued with knowledge, skills and vocabulary being layered and embedded over time. This is achieved through a bespoke curriculum that enhances learner engagement and passion which provides building blocks to support present and future learning.  

We strive for high standards in every aspect of school life.  Schools should be an exciting and positive experience for all. Senior leaders are dedicated to the professional development of all staff and believe that when teachers see themselves as learning professionals, they open themselves to new learning opportunities to develop new pedagogies.    

We have been given the privilege of being responsible for the education of your child/children at Lomeshaye Junior School and we hope that we can rely on you to support us to make appropriate and informed decisions based on sound educational experience. To do this there must be a strong partnership between parents and school so that together we can guide and educate our learners.   

It is important that learners are happy and secure in their learning environment. Education is a lifelong journey. We see it as our role to guide our young people through that journey - avoiding the potholes, planning the route for the future and knowing when it is time to speed up or slow down. We all understand that the goal is for young people to leave Lomeshaye Junior School with all the academic and social skills needed to be successful once they leave Primary School.   

We hope this website will provide you with an insight into all that we can offer. Thank you for choosing to send your child/children to our school.   

 The Lomeshaye Leadership Team

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Catch up with daily video edits of guest speakers who, (before the Easter break), inspired our 2023 Marsden and Lomeshaye Year 6's

with their positivity, hard work and things that didn't always go right along the road to their successes. 



Ruby Anwar Local Councillor and Educator

 Zafar Ali – Solicitor and Town Council Member 

 Yasser Iqbal - Mayor of Pendle

 Iman Afaq Khan - Imam of Nelson Community Masjid

Gulshan Rehman - Educator and Charity Director

  Afrasiab Anwar - Leader of Burnley Borough


Dr. Yasara Naheed -General Practitioner

Mahek Younas – Entrepreneur and Student

Hussnain Hanif - Nasheed Artist

PT Ressa - Personal Trainer