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Introduction to Lomeshaye Junior Schools Attendance Expectations

My name is Mrs Melling and I am Lomeshaye's School Attendance Officer. Most people will know me with working in the school office. I have worked at Lomeshaye now for 4 years, but since September 19, Mrs Wilkinson handed me over the reigns and I became the Attendance Officer.

At Lomeshaye Junior School we recognise that attending school regularly has a positive impact on learning, progress and therefore the best life chances for children. We will encourage good attendance for all pupils, by offering an environment in which pupils feel valued and part of the school community. Department for Education (DfE) guidance states that all schools should have effective systems and procedures for encouraging regular school attendance and investigating the underlying causes of poor attendance.

Within this section of the website I will be highlighting different aspects of attendance for example, extended leave, persistent absence, attendance statistics and reward schemes.

If you have any concerns regarding your child's attendance, please don't hesitate to contact either myself, your child's class teacher or Miss Jones on 01282 612063.