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Lomeshaye Junior School


School Dinners and Breakfast Club

School Dinner

 Healthy and wholesome dinners are cooked on the premises each day and served in the school hall. Meals are served from 12:10pm each day. Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch.

Children who eat at school are not permitted to leave the premises at lunchtime, if you have an appointment during lunchtime hours and your child will be not returning within this time-frame please ensure your child has not booked a school meal as you will still be charged. If your child wishes to move from a school meal to a packed lunch or vice versa please ensure your child is aware of the change to inform their teacher upon registration.

 There is usually a daily choice of 3 meal options. Schools meals are £2.50 per day / £12.50 per week unless you are entitled to Free School Meals. 

 Dinner money payments should be made using Parent Pay. If your child is a new starter and in Year 3 you will receive your child`s username and login details at the start of term. For all other years- Year 4, 5 and 6 you should already have these details. If you are uncertain of the details or need any assistance logging in please call the school office on 01282 612063.



Free School Meals

Free school meals are offered to children of families who are in receipt of:

  • Income support
  • Job seekers allowance (Income based) or support under part vi of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guarantee elements of state pension credit
  • Income related employment support allowance
  • Child tax credit

 To apply click here


Breakfast Club

 Our breakfast club is run daily from 8:00 am- 8:40 am. Costing £1 per day.

Breakfast choices for children include (subject to change), cereal, toast, crumpets, eggs, beans, yoghurts, fruit and fruit juice.  Children can also read books and complete homework. It is a great way for children to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Another advantage of breakfast club is that your child is already in school, on time for registration to start their day. If you wish for your child to start breakfast club please pay for their place with Parent Pay or £1 can be brought into school in the morning and given into school. Please see the next steps under Parent Pay above.



Please visit Parent Pay to make your payment.


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