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Lomeshaye Junior School


Pupil Leadership Team


Welcome to the Pupil Leadership Team page!


At Lomeshaye we are proud to develop future leaders and give our pupils opportunities to have their voices heard.


Each class has two Pupil Leadership representatives who attend regular meetings with Mrs Holden to lead change in school from the pupils’ perspectives. Children are encouraged to suggest projects to work on by sharing their intent. They then have challenging and meaningful discussions to agree on how this will be implemented and finally they we evaluate the impact after the project has been completed.

Some of the projects we have successfully led have been:

  • Our new school garden (designing the garden; including writing to local companies to encourage donations; inviting the local MP to open the garden; and encouraging whole school involvement within its creation)
  • Aspire-Believe-Achieve Awards (each term the children selected a themed award to encourage extra-curricular activities to be completed at home. This is designed and created by the PLT and then communicated to their peers in each class). Our Sports Award proved to be extremely popular!
  • Alongside this, the PLT play an active role in supporting the Senior Leadership Team in monitoring standards of learning across the school. They provide information on pupil voice about our curriculum and teaching and learning through pupil conferences as well as conducting learning environment walks throughout all classes in school.

I am proud and delighted to be leading the Pupil Leadership Team at Lomeshaye! If you Aspire, Believe and Achieve, this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to be part of.

Mrs Holden